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To function as the coordinating, facilitating, administering and collaborating body for all environmental and sustainable development management programmes, projects and activities in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Key Officials

Mr. Lloyd Pascal
Mr. Davis Letang
Permanent Secretary


Basel Convention In effect since 3rd August, 1998
Convention on Biological Diversity Ratified 5th July, 1994
Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Ratified 13th July 2004
Cartagena Convention for the Protection and Development of the Marine Environment Ratified 7th September 1990
International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage Acceded August 2001

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Staff Members:

  • Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit- Mr. Lloyd Pascal
  • Multilateral Environmental Agreement Project Coordinator - Mrs. Kongit Haile-Gabriel
  • Meteorological Engineer/Climate Change Officer - Mr. Collin Guiste
  • National Ozone Officer - Mr. Bradley Guye
  • Environmental Officer - Ms. Kimisha Thomas
  • Secretary - Ms. Shisha Birmingham
  • Messenger - Ms. Lynthia Paul

Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart

Key Functions

To advise government on the development of coherent environmental policies.
To promote interest, and encourage public participation in environmental matters through public awareness activities.
To serve as the government agency with responsibility for the dissemination of information on the environment.
To undertake basic research and coordinate studies on the impacts of development projects on the environment.
To liaise with other government and private sector agencies on issues thatimpact on the environment.
To serve as the focal point for regional and international agreements on environmental issues, and monitor and report on Dominica’s compliance with the articles and decisions of the Environmental Conventions.