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To function as the coordinating, facilitating, administering and collaborating body for all environmental and sustainable development management programmes, projects and activities in the Commonwealth of Dominica.


To see Dominica at the forefront of sustainable environmental management in the Caribbean. The achievement of this would be through environmental education and awareness of the general public and decision makers, and the legislating of an Environmental Protection Act and the enactment of the ECU into an Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Coordinating Unit (ECU) of the Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernisation and Kalinago Upliftment, was established by Cabinet Decision in 1999, to coordinate environmental activities in Dominica and to serve as the focal point for the implementation of all Multilateral Environmental Agreements to which Dominica is a signatory.

The ECU is a small Unit with five professional staff members. The Director of the Unit is paid by the Government of Dominica, while the other staff members are paid under the projects they manage and help implement. The Unit also contracts local and international Consultants.

Key Functions

The key functions of the ECU include:

  • To advise government on the development of coherent environmental policies
  • To promote interest, and encourage public participation in environmental matters through public awareness activities
  • To serve as the focal point for regional and international agreements on environmental issues, and monitor and report on Dominica’s compliance with the articles and decisions of the Environmental Conventions
  • To serve as the government agency with responsibility for the dissemination of information on theenvironment
  • To undertake basic research and coordinate studies on the impacts of development projects on the environment
  • To liaise with other government and private sector agencies on issues thatimpact on the environment.


The ECU works in collaboration with other stakeholders to promote sustainable environmental management. Specific activities include:

  • Represents Dominica at regional and international environmental conferences
  • Prepares project implementation plans and policy documents in keeping with our obligations under the multilateral environmental agreements
  • Monitors and reports on Dominica’s compliance with the Environmental Conventions and agreements and any constraints faced in its implementation
  • Hosting of public consultation and public awareness workshops to involve and encourage Dominicans in sustainable development activities
  • Recommend the way forward for sustainable development in Dominica.

The ECU publishes an annual Calendar which showcases the beauty of Dominica, highlights activities undertaken by the unit in the previous year and makes users aware of various days dedicated to the observance of varying environmental themes.

The 2015 Calendar (PDF, 5.56MB) is available for download here.